Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Businesses

According to Global EV Outlook, it’s expected that by the year 2030, electric vehicles will make up 70% of all car sales in China, 50% in Europe and 30% in the US and Canada. This shows how electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and many people will be adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle to maintain the climate crisis and minimise harmful emissions. As more people switch to electric, the need for charging stations also increases. Soon it will become the norm for businesses with parking facilities to have EV charging points to provide for their employees and customers who own electric cars.

That’s why your business needs to install EV charging points, and by doing so right now, you can be one step ahead of your competitors and win over an entirely new audience. Not only will you be a step ahead of competitors, but there are many other benefits that your business will reap from installing EV charging stations. As well as contributing to a greener, electric future, we have outlined TSG’s top 4 benefits of EV charger installation that will directly impact your business.

Give Your Company a Green Reputation with EV Charging Points

Nowadays, we begin to see more and more clearly that consumers care about the ethical standpoints of the companies they buy from or work for. With the ongoing climate crisis, it’s important that your business acknowledges the need for change and does its part to help. We’ve come across a study that was performed by Forbes in 2017. It determined that 87% of consumers have a more optimistic image of businesses who are making environmentally friendly efforts, than those who are not. They found that 88% would be further prone to remain devoted to an eco-conscious company over a competitor who has not made the same eco-friendly modifications.

The upsurge in environmental passion is seen even more prominently in millennials and the Gen-X population. These are the younger generation and are essentially the future. They are screaming out for a green future and your business needs to deliver. As well as incentivising customers, by installing EV charging stations in the workplace you’re also offering an incentive to potential employees. By providing free workplace charging, high-quality employees will be interested in your company, as well as your current staff being intrigued and inspired to explore the possibility of investing in an EV. Not only will you be representing yourself as eco-aware, while building up a reputable honourable brand, you’ll also be contributing to and encouraging a cleaner environment.

A Consumer Advantage & Incentive for EV Owners

With the advantage that your business now has, of having onsite EV chargers at your business, comes a whole new potential client base. Not only are you the favourable option from your inclination of being eco-conscious, but you now have something of use to your customers. Just like Wi-Fi is now an expected amenity that most businesses provide, soon EV charging will be the same. EV owners will start to prefer businesses where they can charge their vehicle and do some shopping/ stay at a hotel/ do work etc., over another business where they don’t have this extra convenience available.

Save Money Through Electric Chargers

The installation of EV charging stations certainly comes with the territory and the possibility of owning an electric business fleet. This is where a lot of tax and expense savings come into effect. If your company cars are electric, you immediately cut out fuel expenses. There are many tax benefits for EV owners, as well as for companies who invest in energy-efficient technology. The ACA Scheme is one of these tax incentives that encourage company investment in energy-saving products and services.

Via the use of an electric company fleet, you’ll of course naturally significantly lower your carbon footprint, in turn lowering carbon emission tax costs.

Your employees also save on benefit in kind tax and on toll rates. There are also charger installation grants and schemes that are worth exploring. Find all the information on business support to help you go electric here.

Make Money through EV Charger Installation

Spend while they charge

Research shows that most EV owners tend to be high earners, so of course, incentivising them to shop at your business by offering EV charging. This means more time spent on your premises spending money. Automatically you have more of an opportunity to make sales.

Charge them to charge their EVs

You can also charge EV owners for the use of your electricity and charging facilities, which is another viable way to bring in revenue.


If your business has EV charging stations, you can request emails from users. If they agree to receive marketing updates, this can build up your email list and open up a lot more opportunities for targeted advertising via email marketing. You can then incentivise more consumers with special offers and discounts etc. Your business can also rent out ad space on charging points as a source of income.

EV Chargers For Your Business with TSG Charge Ireland

If you have any questions around EV Chargers or are looking to install EV chargers for your business in Ireland, feel free to get in contact with our team at TSG Charge here.

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