A Guide to EV Fleet Charging

With Government policies focusing on reducing the use of internal combustion vehicles particularly in urban areas, electrification of your fleet will future-proof your business! Switching to an EV fleet is a strategic move for bus depots, delivery vans, car rental and taxi companies to name just a few.

Here at TSG Charge we provide the highest quality charging solutions for your EV fleet. We have a workforce of electricians, installation experts and project managers across Ireland as well as our own call centre in Dublin. With this knowledge base we have decided to put together a quick guide to EV fleet charging to help you understand charging solutions for your EV fleet.

Fleet charging options will depend on your business and where the vehicles will be parked for the longest amount of time.

Examples of Fleet Charging

A bus depot business would be best suited to a charging solution located in their fleet yard overnight. By understanding your shift patterns, routes and daily distance we can create a charging solution that suits your depot and helps you to transition to electrification in an optimum manner.

A delivery van fleet charging solution should enable your fleet to return to base and charge during set times. Our experts at TSG Charge can assist this process by providing an intelligent solution such as Dynamic Load Management which helps you control the electrical load on your property. This will be invaluable as your EV fleet grows.

Transitioning to an EV Car Rental fleet?

Then you’ll require an intelligent charging solution that allows you to manage your fleet and your consumers’ needs of where and how they will charge. Our team at TSG Charge in Dublin we can advise you on how best to organise this. Similar to a bus fleet EV transition. A taxi fleet charging solution will be based on understanding your businesses’ shift patterns as well as your specific vehicles and their charging requirements to ensure your fleet is available at all times.

What’s the right power output for your business?

It is a common misconception that the highest power output is the optimal solution for EV charging. However this is often not more efficient than lower output solutions. If your fleet has the opportunity to charge overnight then a 7kW single-phase charging point is certainly suitable. This would be suited to delivery vans and/or bus fleets who are parked up in a fleet yard overnight. If you’re considering electrifying your taxi fleet and will require a fast turnaround on charging times then a 50kW output would be the most effective. However, the large power supply required for these chargers must be considered. Thinking in terms of driving distance when choosing output will be important and our team can advise you on what output will best suit your needs.

How about charging facilities for my staff and/or customers?

Now that you’ve switched to an EV fleet you may also be considering how best you can facilitate your staff and customers who drive EVs. We can integrate charging facilities for your fleet with facilities for your staff or customers. The implementation of these facilities
will help increase customer and staff satisfaction and firmly position your business as one which is passionate about the electrification of vehicles. These additional charging points can be connected to the same management system.

If you’re interested in making the move to an electric fleet and want to ensure you get the best charging solution then contact us here. TSG Charge we can provide you with the services you require, install these services and maintain the infrastructure for your EV fleet charging.

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