TSG delivers turnkey project of a multi-energy service station in Italy

TSG Italy was responsible for delivering a turnkey project of an independent service station in a commercial area in Italy. The project comprised the installation of traditional fuel dispenses, LPG dispensers, a car wash system and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

End-to-end installation of a multi-energy service station

The Magnone service station is located in the municipality of Castelnuovo Don Bosco, in the province of Asti, close to Turin. It stands near a homonymous commercial centre. It is owned by a private and independent company, which recognised the potential business opportunities in the area.

TSG Italy took care of the design and construction of the site, after careful planning made in collaboration with the station owner.

The Magnone station comprises a full suite of products and services delivered and installed by TSG, and is an excellent example of the multitude of solutions that our teams perform. Included in the equipment are Quantium 510 dispensers by Tokheim with multimedia displays and a payment system, a Kärcher’s gantry car wash and EV charging infrastructure with CirControl chargers.

Dispensers available for traditional fuels and LPG

The Magnone service station counts with two Quantium 510 multiproduct dispensers with six retractable hoses for a fast refuelling experience (Petrol-Diesel-Diesel) and one combined dispenser 4/8 (Petrol-Diesel-Diesel-LPG). Every fuel dispenser has a multimedia display to show promotional images and videos with top-quality imagery, supporting cross-selling.

The dispensers include a Crypto VGA ™ payment system with touchscreen technology that guides the customer clearly through the transaction process. The payment process is simple, effective and highly secure. An integrated privacy shield, with anti-tamper and anti-skimming devices, helps to deter fraud attempts.

Adjacent, convenient services: car wash solutions

Magnone’s site contains a wide vehicle washing area with the CB 3 Kärcher car wash. This grantry car wash solution is essential for customers who look for maximum washing results for their vehicles. The CB 3 Kärcher car wash uses innovative technology connected to the Kärcher Fleet Management, the professional fleet management system for cleaning. The specific system, Rawa 2.0, allows an optimal cleaning of car wheel rims. Three brushes with different diameters reach the most hidden and difficult parts of the wheels, providing a high-level cleaning.

The washing facility is a multi-lane, modular self-service area for cleaning the exterior of vehicles. At the same time, it also provides solutions for interior car cleaning, with two Kärcher self-service vacuum cleaners that offer strong and constant suction power. The filter area of this product is 50% larger than similar machines on the market. Customers can also clean their car mats with an specific washing system from Kärcher.

Kärcher's self-service washing system

New energy solutions at the forecourt

The Magnone station is also an important spot for EV drivers, as it provides an efficient CirControl charging system. The delivered power is 22 Kw by socket (quick charger), which potentially could guarantee a refill of the vehicle in 40 minutes. The charging point is near a commercial area, and this conveniently allows EV owners to charge their vehicles while performing other activities.

What services TSG Italy provided:

  • Plan, design and building of the site

    Planning of the new station and complete construction

  • Equipment supply

    Including EV chargers, petrol, diesel and LPG dispensers, and Kärcher car wash system

  • Payment system provision

    With a touchscreen, user-friendly interface

  • Installation of all equipment

    From EV chargers to dispensers, gantry car wash and payment solution

The Magnone station is a leading example of a forecourt shifting to multi-energy mobility hubs, with extra services for customers – such as the commercial centre – and for the vehicle – such as the car wash solutions. By incorporating EV chargers, the station is able to welcome a new range of drivers while still providing relevant services to the traditional ones.

TSG performs turnkey solutions that comprise a wide scope of activities. We can design and build sites, deliver equipment, and provide the installation and maintenance of complete service stations and other sites that offer traditional and new energies, washing solutions, payment systems and even solar canopies.

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