TSG provides EV chargers and solar panels to modernise a service station in Slovakia

TSG Slovakia has delivered a solution that demonstrates how our customers are shifting to sustainable mobility across Europe. The Slovak team installed electric chargers and solar canopies in a traditional service station located at the D1 highway, performing its renovation to achieve one of the most modern forecourts in the entire Slovak territory.

A renewed forecourt, prepared for the future

A large chain of service stations, one of the most important in East Europe, decided to inaugurate a new generation of forecourts that disposed of the latest technologies in sustainability, without leaving its original customers behind. For that, they converted a fuel-only service station on the busiest highway in the country, which links Bratislava to the North of Slovakia. The station has been changed to also become a charging point for passenger electric vehicles (EVs), with the addition of DC EV chargers. Furthermore, it now has solar panels to responsibly generate energy for its main activities.

To revamp the forecourt in an environmentally friendly way, the customer requested the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof. The solar panels and inverters, provided by SolarEdge, are one of the most complex systems in the solar field, and their installation and commissioning was performed under the management and supervision of TSG. The technology offers a modular solution and ensures easy operation and maximal efficiency in green energy generation, of up to 99%.

Transitioning to greener energies: renewing the forecourt

Starting with fuel activities, TSG installed and commissioned dispensers, for diesel, gasoline and AdBlue, from GVR. This accounted for four multi-product dispensers; one ultra-high speed, double-side dispensers for Diesel; one satellite, and one double-side AdBlue dispenser.

Apart from the fuel equipment, TSG also performed the installation and commissioning of two Alpitronic 300 kW fast EV chargers, totalising 4 charging places.

The solar panels provide energy to the station in general and its main needs. TSG Slovakia is in charge of the maintenance of the entire station, from the dispensers to the chargers and solar panels.

What services TSG Slovakia provided

  • Installation of equipment

    Including DC EV chargers, solar panels and fuel dispensers

  • Project management

    TSG took care of the whole project, including the management of a subcontractor, from installation to commissioning, and the coordination between new activities and traditional ones from HSSE and ATEX perspectives

  • Maintenance of the site

    TSG is the first point of contact for the maintenance of dispensers, chargers, and solar panels

TSG delivers turnkey projects to enable sustainable mobility

TSG’s technicians have experience in installing and maintaining equipment from almost all manufacturers of dispensers and EV chargers in the market. We provide a full turnkey solution to our customers, allowing them to smoothly transition from traditional energy for mobility to the new, sustainable ones – such as electricity, hydrogen, and biogas. TSG is also committed to the generation of green energy and has expertise in designing, providing, installing, and maintaining solar panels on the top of roofs, as well as solar canopies and solar farms. Our experts can take care of the entire project management so you can focus on your business.

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