TSG and ProFleet provide a single tool for fleet depot management of fuel and electricity

As the need to decarbonise becomes more evident in the transport sector and regulations get stricter on fossil fuels’ utilisation, fleet companies are adapting their vehicles and adopting new, cleaner energy options for them.

In the transition to more sustainable mobility, however, fleet owners and managers might find it hard to adjust to the latest guidelines. As they usually rely on fuel-based vehicles, shifting to electric or gas vehicles represents a challenge. While monitoring and reporting fuel usage can be a regular task, companies need to find ways of controlling electric vehicles’ recharging data.

In Sweden, Jinert wants to incorporate electric vehicles to their fleet while easily managing the consumption of electricity. Jinert is a privately owned company, founded in 1988, which provides complete solutions in lifting, specialised transport and heavy goods handling.

Electrifying fleets: gradually moving towards more responsible energy

Jinert has 20 sites across the Swedish territory and counts on its equipment for fuelling and charging its fleet. To make sure that all information on refilling – with traditional fuel and electricity – is easily manageable, TSG Nordics and ProFleet Solutions realised the installation of LOGmaster equipment on multiple sites.

The implementation of FuelLOG and ChargeLOG equipment makes it possible to concentrate the management of fuel and charge in one platform. The LOGmaster equipment allows managers to see different information regarding the refilling activities, including:

  • Drivers who are authorised to refill or recharge;
  • Vehicles that are allowed to use the equipment;
  • Dispensers and chargers which are operating well or have alarms to be checked.

With this solution, Jinert is able to access a single dashboard and an extensive reporting functionality, which includes parameters like the consumption and the operational performance of the refilling or charging.

Jinert managers can efficiently rely on one central software application and a central database that stores all data about equipment usage. For that, it relies on the LOG2host cloud platform, which also allows users to visualise information through a web browser.

Amongst the realised installations, Jinert´s head office in Hässleholm was equipped with a ChargeLOG system and two AC CTEK chargers.

What services TSG Nordics provided

With ProFleet Solutions, TSG Nordics and its partners were able to perform:
  • Equipment supply

    Including FuelLOG and ChargeLOG terminals, dispensers and storage tanks, and AC CTEK chargers

  • Installation and configuration

    On site equipment, central LOG2host in the cloud

  • Maintenance and support

    Service and maintenance for equipment and support on terminals and software

TSG is the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions. We have extensive experience in the implementation of personalised depot solutions to facilitate the management of different energy options. We also support fleet owners with the equipment supply, installation and maintenance of EV chargers, solar canopies and more.

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