TSG’s record year is rewarded by CF News

TSG, the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions, achieved a growth rate of 22% by the end of April 2023. The Group has successfully combined organic growth (14%) and external growth (8%) by completing 8 acquisitions within the same period.

The Group’s revenues are expected to exceed one billion euros in July 2023. This milestone year for the company has been rewarded yesterday with CF News’ “Grand prize for external growth – Mid Cap International”.

This record growth is the result of TSG’s strategic transformation towards a strengthening of its activities dedicated to low-carbon mobility, coupled to a very proficient acquisition policy. TSG, as a French group operating in Europe and Africa, has the ambition to provide companies, wherever they operate, with solutions enabling them to accelerate their transformation towards responsible mobility while meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Developing an ambitious policy for activities linked to responsible mobility

By the end of April 2023, TSG’s e-mobility segment registered a record 200% annual growth. With this outstanding result, the company validated its decision, made back in 2018, to operate a strategic shift towards responsible mobility solutions. This choice stemmed from the desire to continue offering local support and turnkey technical and digital solutions for mobility to its customers: public and private mobility energy distribution network operators, business fleet operators and mobility hub managers.

Over the past year, TSG also pursued the development of its natural gas and hydrogen segments, for which it registered a growth rate of 46%, including nearly 27% organic growth, to support its customers in their transition towards the complete available spectrum of responsible energies for mobility.

Fuel-related activities now account for less than 40% of the Group’s revenues and represent, for the first time, less than those dedicated to decarbonated energies and services for mobility hubs. In Italy, TSG already generates over 50% of its business in new energies. This trend is expected to accelerate over the coming years in all countries where the Group is present.

A proactive acquisition strategy and a rewarded external growth strategy

This strong organic growth has been reinforced by a very active acquisitions policy: TSG has completed 18 deals in two years, and carried out 8 acquisitions yearly by the end of April 2023 (Werner Stuhr, Nordic Gas, RBC Lambert, Vebe, Hemag, UCP Choice, GTC Technics, Ranzato Impiati). TSG has thus strengthened its foothold in strategic countries like Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Sweden.

By acquiring small and medium-sized companies in the fields of electric mobility, hydrogen, solar energy and mobility-related services, TSG continues to diversify its activities so that it can provide its customers with ever-more targeted solutions.

This acquisition policy has also enabled the Group to develop its skills in high-growth sectors. The Group’s technical teams – 3,600 engineers and technicians – are available 24/7 for customers in over 30 countries and give the company a unique geographical footprint in the deployment and maintenance of mobility solutions.

TSG’s external growth successes were rewarded, on June 13th by CF News’ “Grand prize for external growth – Mid Cap International”.

“Receiving CF News’ Grand prize for external growth is an important achievement for a record year concluded at the end of April 2023. By combining exceptional growth in low-carbon mobility and well-targeted acquisitions, the company continues to assert its position as a leader in supporting all companies in their transition to ever-more responsible mobility solutions,” stated TSG’s Chairman and CEO Jean-Marc Bianchi. “We will continue to deploy, with determination, multi-energy and multi-service solutions to meet our customers’ transformation challenges.”

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