TSG standardises project management tool for all Charge customers

TSG is constantly developing new strategies to make sure our clients have an excellent experience when working with us. The most recent news is that our Charge customers, which are working towards more responsible EV mobility, now have an automated and standardised solution to follow the status of global and local projects.

The TSG Charge team started the implementation of the project management tool at the end of 2022, aiming to provide customers with a single overview of all project steps.

The idea behind this move is to centralise all the documents, goals, and deadlines of the installation, thus making sure that all stakeholders are aware of the latest updates and avoiding miscommunication. The platform allows TSG experts and customers to manage and respond to project information, accessing KPIs at any time.

This is a one-of-a-kind initiative in the field of technical services for responsible mobility solutions, as projects are usually handed manually – which may lead to more mistakes, errors and unclear communication.

TSG’s new tool makes management more efficient by reducing calls, meetings, and emails while guaranteeing that all stakeholders will have access to the latest data on the status of the projects.

It also provides:

  • More organisation

    By being able to manage the entire team workload from one place, project managers easily assign tasks, prioritise activities and track projects' progress

  • Increased collaboration

    With all parties receiving the same information, different teams and departments gain visibility of what is being done and can support each other in overcoming eventual challenges in the project’s implementation

  • Customisation

    While the platform is standardised for all clients, there are many ways to manage it, and each customer gets a personalised overview according to their needs

  • Automation

    Parties can set up regular alarms for activities such as email reminders or project approval requests, increasing overall efficiency

From the inquiry to the commissioning of the installations, each and every step can be monitored by customers, regardless of how many projects they have or in how many different locations. They get a concise view of their projects’ progress and can better control their development.

The project management tool was a pilot project that started with TSG Charge customers and has been ongoing for over 8 months, with the adoption of over 210 stakeholders only in the first 6 months. Now, it is implemented in all European Charge projects.

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