TSG reinforces its presence in new energy with 3 new acquisitions in North Europe.

To help its customers to accelerate their transition to new energy for mobility TSG integrates new electricians and gas specialists in Belgium and the Netherlands strengthening its European network of 3,000 highly skilled technicians.

TSG, the European leader in technical services for responsible mobility solutions, is pleased to announce the reinforcement of its operations in North Europe with 3 acquisitions in new energy for responsible mobility: EBC Lambert SRL and GTC Technics in Belgium, and VEBE in the Netherlands.

GTC Technics, a Belgium-based (in Ghislenghein, South-East Bruxelles) company, is specialized in installation, maintenance and repair of industrial gas (propane, butane, LNG and LPG) infrastructures including cryogenic ones, for fueling stations, industrials sites and factories. They are also operating in gas tanks storage and renovation, small bulk installation and renovation. These acquisitions allow TSG to integrate new highly skilled gas technicians and welders.

EBC Lambert SRL (EBC), a Belgium-based (in Fleurus, South Bruxelles) company, is an electrical installation company active on design, implementation and maintenance of various electrical installations for mobility hubs, tertiary customers such as airports, and industrial companies.

VEBE, based in Almere (near Amsterdam), is one of the top Dutch electrical installation companies specialized on electrical vehicles charging stations. The company operates from design to installation and maintenance of sites and cover the whole national territory.

With GTC Technics acquisition, TSG is closing its first acquisition in Gas and accelerates its development in new energy for mobility where gas is playing a key role in the transition phase, in particular for heavy transportation. Acquiring GTC Technics will allow TSG to reinforce its gas competencies, to diversify its customer base and to reinforce its presence in Belgium to better serve its customers’ base.

With EBC and VEBE acquisitions, following HEMAG (Spain)’s acquisition in June, TSG confirms it strong willingness to comfort its leading position on technical services for electric mobility in Europe with now 9 EV specialized companies acquired over the past 12 months. TSG is thus accelerating the implementation of its strategy to enable the responsible mobility transition by developing new energy for mobility, quality infrastructures and to offer a one-stop shop for innovative energy & retail solutions.

EBC and VEBE will complete TSG geographical footprint in Wallonia and Amsterdam’s area respectively, while offering a wider range of products and a largest workforce of EV skilled technicians for the benefit of TSG customers.

TSG is a major player in the consolidation of technical services for mobility. The group wishes to pursue its strategy by relying on its strong entrepreneurial culture and its European leadership – presence in 30 countries, over 770 Million annual turnover, and over 5,000 employees.

“TSG is growing fast, and especially in the field of new energy for mobility where some of TSG countries are already realizing 50% of their activity. M&A is a strong accelerator of this growth and at the heart of our development strategy. It nicely complements both our geographic footprint and our need for highly skilled technicians to support our customers in their energy transition to responsible mobility. We are also glad to close our first acquisition in the Gas sector which will help our customers operating in the heavy transportation while preparing for upcoming H2 development. We expect future announcements in those new energy fields all across Europe anchoring definitely M&A as a key driver to accelerate TSG continuous growth.” – says Jean-Marc Bianchi, Chairman and CEO.

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