ProFleet & TSG announce new depot control system: LOGmaster. The successor of DiaLOG.

We are proud to announce our new depot control system, LOGmaster, which will be ready for order at the start of April 2022.

As many fleet operators are reshaping their fleet, transitioning from fossil to new energies, ProFleet and TSG designed a solution that supports fleet operators in this transition, enabling a much easier shift to renewable fuels.

LOGmaster enables smarter depot control for depot- and fleet managers by having one overview of all equipment on their site, from traditional fuel to new energies and car washes. Our new product increases the efficiency of depot operations and business processes, resulting in an increased overall productivity, enabling the fleet to pass through the depot much faster.

By knowing what’s happening on the depot forecourt, management can act upon information that is of actual value to them. LOGmaster creates high value benefits, such as:

  • One platform to control and manage all depot equipment
  • Use one identifier for your entire depot, from gate to dispenser or charger to wash.
  • Connect to any brand of equipment also allowing the installation of a mix of brands.
  • Installation in the cloud or on your own network (without fees for storage).
  • High-end terminals with interactive touchscreen
  • Start simple and easily expand over time when needed

LOGmaster will be available as a complete solution for the entire depot center, offering specific product versions per type of equipment, including: FuelLOG, GasLOG, ChargeLOG, WashLOG, and StockLOG.

Currently, LOGmaster is already installed at several sites across Europe, serving as the first installations and as a final test of the product. Closing of this phase, LOGmaster can be ordered as of 1st of April 2022 for all current and new customers of TSG. We will share more information regarding LOGmaster on our LinkedIn channel. LOGmaster will also be presented at Uniti Expo 2022.

Download our LOGmaster Brochure

For more information about LOGmaster, please view the brochure.

LOGmaster Brochure

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