Arriva, one of Europe’s leading transport providers serving more than 2.2 billion customers every year across 14 countries, have chosen TSG to provide the fleet management solution for their two fleet depots in Råsta, Sweden.

TSG has installed its innovative vehicle identification solution, SmartFuel, which has been an interface to four Tokheim ProFleet fuel management systems – DiaLOG across the large depot.

Site setup in Råsta

One of the sites located in Raasta has a combined Ethanol and Biodiesel fuelling depot to cater for more than 200+ vehicles. The busy commercial site has 18 nozzles in operation, made up of 6 ethanol and 12 bio-diesel nozzles.

In each of 2 the indoor lanes there are 2 filling positions, so in total 4 busses can fill up indoor at the same time. The 4 indoor filling positions have 4 nozzles each – 3x Biodiesel + 1x AdBlue. Both products can be released simultaneously by use of 1 SmartFuel connection/”nozzle” – multiple product release.

Additionally, there are 3 filling positions with 2 nozzles each outdoor.

TSG has installed its innovative vehicle identification solution, SmartFuel, which has been an interface to four Tokheim ProFleet fuel management systems – DiaLOG across the large depot.

Smart fuel

As part of the project, Arriva had Tokheim’s DiaLOG system in combination with SmartFuel installed for their fleet of buses. SmartFuel ensures that no drivers are required to use fuel cards which thus eliminates any possibility of transmission or data reading errors. Thanks to Smartfuel daily odometer readings, wind and weather checks on the wheels of vehicles with flashlights, where errors could easily occur, are no longer necessary. These inconveniences belong in the past: The RFN (Radio Frequency)-nozzle can only be inserted into a corresponding tank. Records of all fuellings are automatically created and logged by Smartfuel.


Installing Tokheim’s  DiaLOG system was a simple and smooth process for Arriva, as no new software is required and all updates are done automatically. As it is a browser-based platform Arriva only needed to log into the system on a network enabled PC, a tablet computer or a smartphone.

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