ChargePoint and TSG grow the Fueling Network

Partnership empowers businesses

Partnership empowers businesses to become part of the fueling network of the future and accelerates the transition to mainstream electric transportation.

ChargePoint, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, and TSG (Technical Services Group, formerly Tokheim), a leading service provider and equipment supplier for energy distribution networks, office complexes, shopping malls and parking garages, today announced an agreement covering site construction, installation and maintenance, together with a reseller partnership to offer comprehensive EV charging solutions and services to businesses throughout Europe. The partnership will accelerate the ongoing shift to electric mobility and give businesses in Europe a unique opportunity to evolve with the changing landscape of mobility.

“This agreement catapults electric mobility to the next level, helping all types of businesses across Europe enhance their business models to take advantage of the shift to electric mobility,” said Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe, ChargePoint, Inc. “TSG has a century of experience and this move marks a significant shift in the nature of fueling from only dedicated locations to opportunistic fueling where vehicles are parked. The convenience of being able to charge in more places will ease the transition to e-mobility as we continue to provide a simple charging experience everywhere drivers go.”

Global EV sales have grown nearly 50 percent since 2016 and several European countries have committed to banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the next few decades, creating a groundswell of demand for EV charging at existing and new fuel distribution locations. For more than 100 years, TSG has been providing fuel distribution network sales and services across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, including installation and maintenance for fuel dispensing, automation and payment systems. In unison with the shift to electric mobility, TSG is expanding its services to include sales, installation and maintenance of all ChargePoint charging solutions, including the ChargePoint Express Plus ultra-fast charging platform designed for rapid refueling along major roadways.

“Many businesses are eager to be part of the future of mobility as more drivers choose EVs and cities and countries encourage electrification, and we’re excited to be able to help them. Our new dedicated EV charging solutions business unit will allow businesses across Europe to expand their fueling offerings, serve more customers and play an important part in the transition to electric mobility.”

Expanding opportunities

Initially, ChargePoint and TSG will begin working together in France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and United Kingdom, with the opportunity to expand across Europe as ChargePoint grows. Each company will remain focused on its core expertise as the partnership accelerates the build-out of EV charging across Europe. ChargePoint offers more than 42,000 places in North America and in markets around the world to charge and TSG serves 100,000 fueling stations in 22 countries across Europe.

As the only EV charging provider to deliver convenient charging solutions everywhere drivers live, work and play, ChargePoint is uniquely equipped to meet every charging need at any type of fueling location, from medium speed (Level 2) charging solutions at retail and dining destinations to Express Plus ultra-fast charging hubs alongside petrol stations on motorways.

All types of organizations

TSG services all types of organizations, from major global and national oil companies to independently owned service stations, as well as large fleet networks and private or public industrial and services businesses. Together, the companies will enable all of these types of sites to take advantage of the growing number of electric vehicles on the road while increasing charging availability for the growing population of EV drivers.

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