TSG provides water-saving wash solution, and management systems for Stagecoach buses in the UK

Stagecoach is the largest bus and coach operator in the United Kingdom (UK), providing transportation services across Scotland, England and Wales. The company’s Peterborough site, in England, is home to 57 double-deckers and eight single-deckers. The buses run a near 24-hour service, from 4 am to 3 am, providing the majority of bus services in the area.

To make sure buses are always running in the cleanest conditions, and contribute to Stagecoach’s sustainability goals, the Peterborough site upgraded its commercial wash systems to the latest water-saving Karcher Gantry Wash, delivered by TSG UK.

A comprehensive solution for bus fleets\

TSG UK provides a variety of services to Stagecoach, including solutions for fuel management and vehicle washing. Apart from the Karcher gantry wash, Stagecoach’s Peterborough site also uses automated fuel management solutions, DiaLOG and a CCTV system that release the dispensers and monitors the activities.

“Karcher’s commercial wash products are excellent and we have a good relationship with TSG UK. They’re a well-known face in the sector, and I’ve found them to be easy to work with, trustworthy, reliable, quick to respond and helpful when it comes to assistance and guidance. They have met Stagecoach’s needs well over the years and will continue to do so going forward, as we move towards Net Zero”, says Terry Absalom, Interim Engineering Director for Stagecoach East.

Stagecoach is moving towards cleaner energy adoption, including the transition to a fully electric fleet by 2035. The company also plans to divert 95% of its waste from landfills by 2026.

Watch Terry Absalom in an interview with TSG UK's Fleet Sales Director, Paul Brooks:

Efficient and reliable washing solutions for fleets

The Karcher gantry wash system installed at Peterborough is designed for automatic exterior cleaning of large commercial vehicles. The three-brush gantry has a maximum washing height of up to 5.05 metres and 2.20 m width – ideal for double-deckers and large coaches.

The system is highly reliable and stable, with excellent quality and an amount of extra options like side brushes to enhance vehicle cleaning. The bus wash has a clear, user-friendly robust control panel with an intuitive user interface, including a range of washing programmes for different degrees of dirt.

The wash system is combined with other services provided by TSG. Stagecoach uses DiaLOG, an electronic fuel management system that controls dispensers, level gauges, gates and wash systems. In the words of Stagecoach’s director Terry Absalom, it “keeps everything running smoothly.”

What services TSG UK provided

  • Wash equipment supply and installation

    TSG delivered the Karcher gantry wash and installed the equipment on-site

  • Fleet management systems

    Delivery and installation of ProFleet’s DiaLOG and CCTV system

  • Maintenance of the site

    Including bus wash, DiaLOG system, and CCTV

Stagecoach plans to continuously work with TSG UK to upgrade the wash and fuel management systems in other sites located in Bedford, Fen Stanton and Cambridge.

TSG is the leader in technical services for responsible mobility in Europe and Africa. We provide a series of solutions in traditional and new energy, infrastructure, systems and payment, enabling our customers to transition to a sustainable future. With expertise organised in eight business segments, we can design, build and maintain solutions for different fleet needs, including washing and management solutions, with equipment delivery.

Learn more about the technical advantages of the Stagecoach project, and how TSG can support your site.
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