AC and DC charging infrastructure at Ireland’s airports

TSG Ireland delivered a comprehensive service to the airports in Dublin and Cork, the two largest Irish cities, with the provision and installation of fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The initiative was funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) working with Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), and the projects show the potential of EV infrastructure for airports.

Enabling electric charging solutions for airports

With the increasing number of drivers purchasing EVs, more businesses are making charging solutions available to these customers. Airports are no different. The revenue that comes from airport parking is higher than any other non-airline source, and the installation of charging stations makes it more likely for customers to drive to and park in the airport. This ends up increasing occupancy and offering additional opportunities for the airport to provide other value-added parking products.

Fast chargers are particularly important in these setups, so that travellers can quickly charge their car before heading away on holidays or upon returning home. As electric vehicle ownership continues to expand, there is a strong case for investing in airport charging stations.

Aside from travellers, people who drop-off and collect passengers also benefit from EV charging solutions in airports. This is true for family members of friends who are giving a lift, but even more relevant for services providers such as taxi drivers. As electric taxis also increase, charging infrastructure is a necessary service for drivers as they wait for passengers.

Providing a green energy option for Ireland’s travellers

Both Dublin and Cork airports opted to provide EV charging points in their main taxi ranks, allowing taxi drivers to charge their vehicles while they wait for passengers to disembark. TSG was the company chosen the carry the projects on both sites, offering a necessary service and saving drivers’ time.

At Dublin Airport, TSG Ireland delivered and installed 2No. 150kW DC fast chargers and 22kW AC chargers for taxi rank and public use. The installation took less than two months to be completed from receipt of order. Due to TSG’s European-wide agreement with CirControl, the team was able to deliver the equipment two weeks earlier than regular factory schedule, meeting DAA’s requirements.

At Cork Airport, the requirement was for 2No. 50kW DC fast charger and 22kW AC charger equipment. Similar to the Dublin Airport project, TSG was also able to get the equipment delivered earlier than the regular schedule, and the project was also finished in less than two months.

All equipment proposed is from the CirControl range of EV chargers, which are manufactured in Spain. The 22kW AC units are identical to the new units currently being deployed by ESB e-cars in the public charger network, so EV drivers are already familiar with them. Drivers are also used to the 50kW DC Chargers with CHAdeMO and CCS connections per charger. The 150kW DC Chargers with CHAdeMO and CCS connections per charger are new to the Irish market, but have been successfully deployed in other countries.

The front panels of all the EV chargers were customised with DAA’s livery, logos, and lettering. All configuration, staging, testing, and modifications required were done in TSG Ireland’s premises prior to implementation on the parking area of the airports. This facilitated a quick and smooth installation, with minimal time spent on site.

A turnkey solution for any EV charger need

TSG carried out a turnkey project to support the airports in their wish to provide greener, more sustainable energy. This included many site surveys with DAA contractors to make sure that all requirements were met.

The Irish team also provisioned foundation kits to DAA’s contractor in advance of the chargers arriving in the country. This enabled the installation of the metal frame kits into wet concrete as the plinths were being built, which accelerated the construction works and made the subsequent charger installation quicker.

TSG Ireland provided further assistance with ducting plans, cable size, cable type (AC/DC), circuit protection, earthing protection, and data communications. The team supported the integration and implementation of the back-office CPO platform onto each charger.

Our local Charge experts also delivered complete documentation on how to use the chargers and find electrical faults. The team was responsible for training the charger operation and use.

What services TSG Ireland provided

Apart from the services mentioned above, TSG performed the following main tasks:
  • Site surveys

    To guarantee that the site and EVs requirement were met

  • Project management

    From initial tender stage to site deployment and service implementation

  • Installation and commissioning of equipment

    Including 150kW power units, 50 kW and 150 kW DC chargers, and 22kW AC chargers

  • Maintenance of the chargers

    Including scheduled preventative maintenance works

With an ever-increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure throughout Europe, customers are looking for one single supplier to provide world-class charging solutions, installation, and service. TSG has been implementing complete EV charging projects for the past years, taking care of all the steps from site design to equipment supply, to installation and maintenance. We are a one-stop shop to offer the best charging solution for your needs, with expert installation and service.

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