TSG completes the installation of an LNG and CNG station in northern Italy

TSG Italy delivered the installation of a refilling station for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) in Santarcangelo, a city in the Italian region of Emilia-Romana.

The region is important due to it strategic position between North and Central Italy and its industrial sector (food production, agriculture and mechanical).

The station provides refilling options for LNG and CNG-powered vehicles, being suitable to refuel both cars and heavy vehicles. The installation consists of a vertical tank, a high-pressure pump, a centrifugal pump, vaporizers, a compressed gas storage unit, and dispensers.

The cryogenic tank is complete with automatic repressurization system, necessary to maintain the tank in the optimal pressure range, between 4 and 8 bars.

The high-pressure pump, on the other hand, compresses the liquid up to a pressure greater than 300 bar and sends it to the vaporizer.

The system is composed of a fully-automated submersible centrifugal pump, including valves, safety valves, drains, and instrumentation for correct operation, suitable for filling two LNG refill guns and two CNG guns.

A turnkey CNG and LNG installation to refill large vehicles

The cryogenic insulation of the submersible pump pipes was carried out with a multilayer of nanotechnological insulation and a polished aluminium surface finish.

The system is composed of an LNG dispenser with liquid and gas phase certified flow meters and in-line saturation, which has the purpose of saturating the LNG between the submersible pump and the dispenser just before dispensing it to the vehicle.

The saturation skid must be installed immediately in contact with the submersible pump skid and the in-line saturation must be one for each dispenser. With in-line saturation, the traditional saturation of the tank can be removed and the maximum flow rate of the dispenser can be reduced.

This was followed by the mechanical and electrical installation of the system, with an electrical panel for the autonomous and automatic management of the entire LNG system.

The next phase was commissioning with testing activities, verification of the installation and subsequent start-up of the system. TSG Italy is providing periodic maintenance works to the Santarcangelo station.

What services TSG Italy provided

  • Civil works

    Construction of the foundation and secondary works to the facility

  • Installation

    Mechanical and electrical installation of the system

  • Commissioning and start-up of the station

    All works to initiate the station

  • Maintenance

    Periodic and scheduled maintenance work

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