Reliable, gentle washing for Frey Luxury Cars

Reliable, gentle washing for Frey Luxury Cars,

The official Aston Martin and McLaren dealer in Austria

Car dealers face many different challenges and appreciate some peace of mind in smoothly running essential operations, contributing to good customer service and brand image.

To stand out from the increasing competition, car dealers can implement elemental and yet efficient solutions to attract more customers and fulfil their satisfaction with a brand new, shining vehicle.

One of the tools that support a great customer experience is a proper car wash facility that offers optimal results and does not represent a large expense for dealers at the end of the month.

Other than that, cost-wise, car dealerships with their own cars washes do not need to drive their vehicles to an external washing facility, reducing expenses.

How dealerships can keep their cars clean

In Austria, Frey Luxury Cars was looking for a solution to grant a seamless aspect to the iconic sportscars from Aston Martin and McLaren brands. As the official authorised dealer for both companies in the country, Frey Luxury Cars needed a car wash facility that provided a comprehensive process of washing and drying large vehicles, whilst considering that car wash is not the main business offered in the establishment.

With TSG Car Wash Austria and Kärcher, Frey Luxury Cars found in the Klean!Fit gantry car wash the right answer for their needs.

The Kärcher Klean!Fit is a compact car wash solution that adapts to different vehicle dimensions, offering the required flexibility to deal with Aston Martin and McLaren cars. It reaches all car parts, offering gentle yet efficient washing programs and highly operational reliability – constantly providing the glow these vehicles deserve.

Other than that, the gantry car wash has a compact design, which utilises the site space in the most effective way, and maintenance-free components. It requires minimal service, granting more time for owners and managers to deal with other important tasks and challenges of the dealership.

Kärcher, a TSG partner, is largely recognised for building robust car washes with long service life and high vehicle throughput. Kärcher’s Klean!Fit is a reliable solution that delivers fine results, has low investment and operational costs and fits in car dealerships, workshops, car rental stations and service stations.

Contact TSG Wash for a complete solution tailor-made for your needs.

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