Forecourt solarisation: TSG installs solar panels on the rooftop of a service station in Italy

TSG is working on the solarisation of hundreds of service stations in Europe and Africa. In Italy, our team provided the installation of a 56 kWp canopy photovoltaic system on the canopy of a forecourt in Caneva, a city in the northeast of the country.

What are the possible setups of solar canopies?

There are three main types of solar panel installations – on solar canopies of traditional service stations or EV charging hubs; on roofs of buildings; and solar farms. The installation of photovoltaic systems occurs on structures that act as a covering, and the photovoltaics produce electricity that can be used in various contexts, such as car parks, workplaces or commercial areas.

How to choose the right photovoltaic system 

The initial phase of the solar system installation requires a good choice of solar panels. To obtain maximum energy efficiency, before installing a photovoltaic system on a rooftop or canopy, it is necessary to evaluate various factors.

It is important to consider the orientation and inclination of the roof considering the sun, which ensures that the solar panels will capture the sun’s rays throughout the day. Furthermore, the size and resistance of the structure must be evaluated to ensure the correct installation of the solar panels.

A green source of energy for forecourts

The installation that TSG delivered in Caneva has a 7-degree east-west inclination. It is a very particular system with a 50 kW inverter, and brings a number of advantages to the service station.

The east-west solution is the most suitable for sites that install photovoltaic systems to cover internal consumption. This solution “dilutes” the energy production throughout the day, thus favouring self-consumption and minimizing the share of energy fed into the grid. The 7-degree inclination helps with water evacuation.

With the solar canopy, the forecourt produces clean energy from renewable sources, reducing its environmental impact. Moreover, such a solution reduces energy costs – both because solar energy is free and largely available, and because it can replace the use of traditional electricity.

Photovoltaic systems also take advantage of spaces that are usually unused, as the installation is, in general, made on a horizontal surface. This optimises the available surfaces of the site.

Finally, over time, the energy produced can help cover the initial costs of the photovoltaic system, allowing for an economic return on the investment. The energy production is 43 MWh/year, with a saving of 60%.

What services TSG Italy provided

In the installation of the solar canopies on the rooftop of the forecourt, TSG Italy provided:
  • Equipment supply

    Including a 50 kW inverter and 505 Wp photovoltaic panels

  • Installation

    Comprising electrical works, panels and inverter

  • Maintenance

    Comprehensive maintenance package to ensure continuous operation

TSG has years of experience working with the installation of state-of-the-art photovoltaics. Our technicians follow all safety procedures to make sure the installation runs smoothly and provide a comprehensive maintenance package to guarantee that solar panels will work to their full extent.

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