§82b GewO Überprüfungen

According to Section 82b of the 1994 Industrial Code (GewO 1994), the owner of an approved plant is obliged to check it regularly at certain time intervals.

It is checked

  • whether the operating system complies with the approval notice including the requirements and
  • whether the operating system complies with the commercial regulations that otherwise apply to the operating system and
  • whether the operating system is subject to Section 8a GewO 1994 regarding the control of hazards in the event of serious accidents.

The period within which the recurring tests must be carried out is five years. If it concerns a plant that has been subjected to the simplified approval procedure according to § 359b GewO 1994, the period is six years. If other deadlines are set in the approval notice or in other commercial regulations, these shall apply.

VEXAT Überprüfung

We check whether your filling station meets all the requirements for explosive atmospheres. Our offer includes the creation, testing and adaptation of explosion protection documents including EX zone plans.

The VEXAT regulation includes in particular:
tests, measurements, hazard analysis and accident prevention, the primary, secondary and tertiary explosion protection measures as well as the requirements for electrical systems and objects in potentially explosive areas (recurring tests every 3 years at the latest!)

You can find more information on the VEXAT regulation on the WKO website.

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