• CoffeePay (payment solution for professional coffee machines)
  • CarwashPay (cashless payment solution for roll-over and self-wash systems)
  • VacuumPay (cashless payment solution for Kärcher vacuum cleaners)
  • AirPay (cashless payment solution for air units)


  • Consolidate sales data from all on-site devices
  • Create a closed system to eliminate potential fraud
  • Promote cross-selling (voucher payment)
  • Sales data easily accessible via sales dashboard

Charlie loyalty

  • Customer recognition via loyalty card and/or loyalty app
  • Real-time rewards (points and/or discount vouchers)
  • Customer website available for loyalty account registration
  • Loyalty portal available for campaign management
  • Possible to promote cross-selling at other on-site devices

Other applications

  • Kitchen printer: sell products at POS and immediately inform kitchen staff about new orders
  • ComfortPay: fuel your car on the basis of license plate recognition. No need for card validation.
  • Connection with safes: register all POS safe drops automatically and sync data between POS and safe unit. Receive alerts when mismatches occur.
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